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A+ School Cleaning Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

Focus on giving your students the best education possible when you trust JAN-PRO® of San Francisco Bay Area to be your school cleaning services experts. Our school cleaning services deep clean of your school to wipe out harmful contagions and promote an optimal learning environment.

Top of the Class Cleaning. A germ-free and disinfected school is essential to learning, but it’s not easy to keep students and faculty healthy. JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area’s school cleaning services use an advanced, hospital-grade disinfectant. The EnviroShield® system is 99% effective at killing germs and also extremely safe for your students and staff. EnviroShield® targets and eliminates harmful microbes like MRSA, H1N1 and 45 other harmful contagions out to disrupt learning. You won’t find a more advanced system anywhere on the globe.

Smarter Means Healthier. Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area has put a lot of thought into our school cleaning services. We use and frequently change out color-coded microfiber cloths and flat mops to limit the possibility of cross-contamination and to kill germs before they can ever pose a threat to your facility.

Germs Be Gone. School restrooms can be a big challenge to keep clean. It takes more than a quick wipe down to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria. By combining our advanced cleaning technologies with a certified team of cleaning experts, Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area will provide school cleaning services that drive out bacteria. Areas like faucets, handles, push plates, and towel dispensers receive extra attention to ensure the highest level of clean.

A Green Star. We owe it to the young students of today to protect the environment they will live in tomorrow. Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area uses the smallest volume of earth-friendly chemicals needed to ensure our school cleaning services are effective. Certified green clean programs are available upon request.

Breathe Easier. School cleaning services from Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area can help you staff and students breathe easier. Our backpack vacuums use HEPA-quality filters that suck dirt, up to .3 microns, out of the air. We use quiet filters for minimal disruptions to students and staff.

We’ve Done the Homework. We aim to educate our team just as well as you do your students. The school cleaning services from Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area are backed by a team that has participated in the industry’s most rigorous training program. When we walk into your facility, you can be confident that we know what we are doing and will do it right, every time.

Safe and Secure. Knowing your students are safe in their school is essential. This means you must know who is coming and going each day. We do our part by making sure our team members are always in their Jan-Pro uniform with an easily visible ID badge displayed.

For more information on the gold star school cleaning services from Jan-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area, contact us at (925) 474-2333.