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Expertise for any Venue

Recognized over the past ten years as the top commercial cleaning worldwide, Jan-Pro’s commitment to incorporating cutting edge technology to our processes has led to consistent and superior results for all venues small or large. Whether your needs involve the complexities and manpower of a 100,000 seat sports arena or the personal touch for detail cleaning a large hotel facility, Jan-Pro‘s superiority shines through 100% of the time!


  • We help you stay on top of all health and safety standards. Our teams are experts in MSDS compliance, blood-borne pathogen standards, drug testing, and all other OSHA regulations.
  • Our cleaners not only take care of standard surfaces like carpeting and tile, we also handle heavy-duty materials like concrete.
  • We combine our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfection system with systems like bacteria-targeting and color-coded cleaning to limit and eliminate germs and other contagions in your workplace, keeping your workforce healthy and productive.


  • Our event cleaning services can manage the needs of spaces of any size and events of every type.
  • Our event cleaning services include detail cleaning of floor surfaces including marble, hardwood, carpeting, tile, and concrete.
  • We keep on our toes to make sure we’re there when you need us. When challenges arise, we rise to the challenge.

Hotels & Resorts:

  • Jan-Pro has extensive experience in the multi-dimensional cleaning requirements for hotels and resorts globally.
  • Our programs are tailored for your exact needs including common area cleaning; restaurant and kitchen cleaning or a more comprehensive approach for room turns on a daily basis.
  • Our hospitality program insures all technicians are trained in the most up to date disinfecting and safety standards for the optimum guest experience.

Movie Theatres:

  • Jan-Pro has cleaned 100’s of movie theaters in the past 20 years and has been recognized as a trusted partner for managing high quality programs at very competitive pricing.
  • The Jan-Pro difference is utilizing technologically advanced cleaning equipment to reduce labor and improve overall health with HEPA rated vacuuming systems and touch free restroom cleaning programs.
  • Jan-Pro’s exclusive disinfecting system; EnviroShield will insure all areas are germ free protecting your guests and associates alike.

Sports Stadiums:

  • Jan-Pro’s dedicated project management team has vast experience to plan, work load and execute large venue cleaning programs with exceptional results.
  • Our commitment to utilizing technologically advanced equipment and cleaning processes will reduce costs and improve efficiency, stretching your spend per event.
  • Paying attention to every detail, even in a 100,000 seat stadium is the level of experience and expertise Jan-Pro brings everyday.

Other Engagements

Jan-Pro has built a set of processes, technologies and standards that distinguish the company for its expertise in commercial cleaning.  We have perfected a checklist of services that fit many other industry specifications and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.  Our Owner operators take pride in delivering superior cleaning each weekTo make JAN-PRO your commercial cleaning partner, contact your local JAN-PRO office.