Medical Centers

A Healthier Cleaning Service for Medical Offices in the San Francisco Bay Area

The best way to keep the spread of bacteria and viruses under control is by maintaining a healthy, clean facility. JAN-PRO® of San Francisco Bay Area has the advanced cleaning technology and certified technicians to ensure your medical offices meet the AORN standards of disinfection and cleanliness.

Cleaning your medical offices requires the toughest in cleaning technology, and our EnviroShield® disinfecting system is the definition of tough. Boasting the title of most technologically advanced disinfecting system in the world, EnviroShield® safely and efficiently disinfects all areas of your facility. This hospital-grade disinfectant is EPA category IV-rated and extremely effective. The EnviroShield® system makes it possible for Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area to provide best-in-class cleaning services to your medical offices.

Our hospital-grade, EPA-tested disinfectant is as environmentally safe as it is strong. Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area is proud to use fewer and safer chemicals. Our medical offices cleaning services aim to keep not only your facility clean and healthy, but the planet as well. We also help you breathe easier by using HEPA quality filters that remove dirt from your air quietly and effectively.

Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area has put plenty of thought into our medical offices cleaning services. We use microfiber, color-coded cloths and flat mops while cleaning your offices. Cloths and mops are color-coded so they won’t accidentally be used in differing areas of your office. Cleaning supplies used in an exam room will never be used in office areas or bathrooms. Those areas of your office that are busiest get extra special attention from our medical offices cleaning service team. Our thorough cleaning procedures make sure we don’t miss the small, yet critical, details.

At Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area, we back our cutting-edge technology and processes with the best team in the business. Each Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area crew member must pass an extensive background check before joining the team. Crew members also participate in an intensive five-week training program that includes testing on the various products, services and standards we insist on at Jan-Pro. When we enter your medical offices, you can be sure our cleaning crews will provide the best cleaning service possible, every time.

Safety is also an important part of running a successful business. At Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area, we do everything we can to operate safely and securely. Our medical offices cleaning service crew will always wear their Jan-Pro uniform and ID badge when cleaning your offices. That way you know who we are and why we are there without having to ask.

Call our San Francisco Bay Area area office today at (925) 474-2333 for more information about our medical offices cleaning service.