Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial Commercial Cleaning by JAN-PRO® of San Francisco Bay Area

Industrial and manufacturing facilities contain the toughest challenges for commercial cleaning service providers. But with JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area on your side, your toughest cleaning jobs have met their match. We use the strongest, most efficient solutions in our industry, delivering effective results to your facility, no matter the job.

Our commercial cleaning services for industrial facilities begin with our custom cleaning plans. At Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area, we never shoehorn our clients into preset, one-size-fits-all cleaning plans. Instead, we train and hire our cleaners and develop our cleaning plans based on industry-specific expertise. This means we tackle industrial jobs with industrial-grade systems and solutions.

With industrial and commercial cleaning services from Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area, you can expect top quality services including:

  • Large Facility Cleaning. Under our Signature Clean® certification, we’ve been accredited for our expertise and experience with large facility cleaning systems.
  • Workplace Health & Safety Expertise. From MSDS compliance to blood-borne pathogen standards, we’re experts in the regulations your workplace is expected to follow. We keep you compliant, meeting or exceeding all standards.
  • Healthier Cleaning & Disinfection. We help you keep your workforce healthy and productive. We know how damaging a site-wide case of the cold or flu can be to any facility. That’s why we use EnviroShield®, the most advanced disinfection system in the commercial cleaning industry, to protect your industrial facility from contagions.
  • Secure Cleaning Strategies. Not only is Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area a fully bonded and insured cleaning provider, we’re also committed to the security of your facility. We require our workers to wear full Jan-Pro uniforms whenever they’re on site, making us easy to keep track of.
  • Floor Cleaning Services. Whatever mix of flooring services are found in your workplace, we’ll have the staff, equipment, and expertise you need to get them their cleanest and safest.

Our commercial cleaning services for industrial facilities come with the support of our proprietary Jan-Pro Tracker® quality assurance system. Using detailed 50-point checks, we make sure your cleaning team consistently produces results that fall in line with our industry-leading cleaning standards. It’s this commitment to client satisfaction and consistent service that have turned Jan-Pro into the world’s largest and most trusted commercial cleaning organization.

Rely on stronger, more effective commercial cleaning and sanitation. Contact JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area today at (925) 474-2333 for more information regarding our industrial commercial cleaning services.