Banks and Financial Institutions

Bank Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO® of San Francisco Bay Area

When you run a bank, the details your customers can’t see are often the details you’re best at. But it’s the details your customers can see – from your floors, to your windows, to your counters – that customers end up judging you by. With bank cleaning services from JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area, your bank makes a valuable impression on your customers.

As a member of the world’s largest and most trusted commercial cleaning brand, Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area knows what it takes to get banks and financial institutions looking their best. We give your bank the spotless, trustworthy image it needs to keep customers happy. Our bank cleaning services are backed by our Signature Clean® series of cleaning processes. These processes cover:

  • Total Commitment to Security. We know that security’s your number one concern, so we make it our first priority. Our staff are under strict instruction to follow your protocols, wear uniforms and ID tags for easy identification, and check-in with your team as they clean.
  • Reliability & Trust. We’re fully bonded, insured, and have passed through our industry’s most rigorous specialty cleaning certification program.
  • OSHA Standards. Our teams keep your bank compliant with health and safety standards.
  • Specialty Floor Cleaning. If your bank requires specialist floor care, we have the staff and equipment you need for a spotless, germ-free clean.
  • Superior Disinfection. Our non-toxic, EnviroShield® system kills germs and bacteria in tough to reach spaces – including keyboards – by using patented spray-release technology.
  • Green Cleaning. We make eco-friendly cleaning a part of our regular routine and offer green cleaning certification for interested clients.
  • Bacteria Fighting Strategies. We use systems that target germ transfer points – like doorknobs and bathrooms – while making sure that bacteria doesn’t travel from one room to another.

At Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area, our motto is Measurable Cleanings – Guaranteed Results®. To ensure our bank cleaning services live up to this motto, we us Jan-Pro branded systems for consistent customer service. Take our Jan-Pro Technics® system, which helps maximize ROI by automating and pre-planning our bank cleaning services. Or consider Jan-Pro Tracker®, our 50-point quality assurance program that identifies and addresses areas for improvement on the spot.

Thanks to these systems, we’re able to offer a promise unique to our field: guaranteed satisfaction with our bank cleaning services. Each and every time.

Make every dollar count with JAN-PRO of San Francisco Bay Area’s bank cleaning services. Give us a call today at (925) 474-2333 to set up your consultation.