Green Cleaning

Our Green Cleaning Methods: JAN-PRO® of San Francisco Bay Area

We all want a cleaner work space. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t also have a cleaner planet. As part of the Jan-Pro family of cleaners, Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area is committed to green cleaning systems and solutions. We show this commitment by reducing the use of harsh chemicals, by using our exclusive and EPA-rated EnviroShield disinfection system, and by working with clients under our certified green cleaning program. With Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area on your side, an exceptional clean doesn’t come at an exceptional cost to the environment.

Our green cleaning program starts with finding ways to reduce harmful chemical use. At Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area, we’re longtime believers in keeping workplaces free of harmful toxins. It not only keeps the ecosystem safe, it keeps your staff safe as well.

Some cleaners might be hesitant to cut back on the use of certain chemicals. That’s why Jan-Pro practices and continues to develop new cleaning methods that ensure green cleaning still leads to our trademark Six Star results. We train our staff in strategies that lower the volume of chemicals used, while still providing the level of coverage your workspace requires.

Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area even provides eco-friendly disinfection. It’s right in the name of our EnviroShield® system. Even more important is the rating this system received from the EPA, who awarded it with the best score possible for non-toxicity. As with our green cleaning strategies, effectiveness of the EnviroShield® system is never compromised by its eco-friendly nature. Our system delivers hospital-strength disinfection along with industry-leading coverage, using patented spray-release action to treat areas (like keyboards and carpets) that other systems struggle with.

With our green cleaning certification program, your workplace receives all of the benefits brands have come to expect from Jan-Pro and our Signature Clean® processes. That means targeting germs in high-transfer areas like keyboards, door handles, and bathrooms. It means measuring our results to ensure consistent service. And it means guaranteeing our cleanings: each and every one. Whatever your needs, Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area has the training, experience, and certification so you can be confident in our services.

Show the world you care with certified green cleaning services. Call Jan-Pro of San Francisco Bay Area today at (925) 474-2333 to learn how we can help.